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ACT NO. 107


Assistant Judges; Budgets

This act establishes the procedures assistant judges must follow when developing and publishing a proposed annual county budget. The act requires the assistant judges to hold a meeting, prior to the annual meeting, for the purpose of inviting public discussion of the preliminary proposed budget. Notice of this meeting must be published in all daily newspapers having general circulation in the county or, if there is not a daily newspaper of general circulation published in the county, the notice must be published in a weekly newspaper of general circulation in the county. The act enhances the publishing requirements for notice of the annual meeting and makes copies of the proposed budget, which shall be presented in the form prescribed by the auditor of accounts and shall include the amounts currently budgeted for each item included in the proposed budget, available to the public in the county courthouse and in the office of the clerks of the towns located in the county. This act also establishes a January 31 fiscal year, which may be altered by the assistant judges, after such a change is discussed at an annual meeting. Finally, the act eliminates the office of county auditor and provides instead for biennial audits of county finances to be performed by a public accountant employed by the assistant judges.

Effective Date: January 1, 1999