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ACT NO. 101


Unemployment Compensation

This act makes various amendments to the laws governing the unemployment compensation program, including the following:

- The maximum weekly unemployment benefit rate is increased to $265.00.

- Employers of more than 25 persons must file their reports in an electronic media form.

- The amount of time available for employers to seek adjustments or refunds of employer payments erroneously made is extended from two to three years.

- Cash severance payments are included in the types of renumeration that would trigger liability for repayment of benefits if received during the benefit period.

- A mechanism is established for collection of claims against food stamp recipients through withholdings of unemployment compensation benefit payments.

- A statutory definition of "self-employment" is enacted.

- A succeeding employer is prohibited from receiving the same experience rating as a previous employer unless the previous employer had been operating the business for the two weeks prior to the acquisition. If the acquiring employer's contribution rate is higher then the predecessor's rate then he or she shall not be considered a successor.

- Eligibility for benefits is disallowed to persons who are self-employed, to the extent that such self-employment makes the person unavailable for work.

Effective Date: July 1, 1998