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ACT NO. 85


Special Plates

This act authorizes the commissioner of motor vehicles to issue special motor vehicle number plates for safety organizations and for service organizations. It establishes eligibility criteria for qualifying as a safety or service organization and standards concerning the design of these plates. This act provides for a $10.00 annual fee, in addition to the regular registration fee, to be charged members of organizations who use these special plates and a $1,000.00 deposit for organizations that request the plates. The act also provides for a special Vermont veterans plate and for a special plate commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Effective Date: July 1, 1998 for all sections of the bill, except Sec. 4 (special Vermont veterans plates), which takes effect on November 11, 1998, and Sec. 6 (plates recognizing Fraternal Order of Eagles), which took effect on April 14, 1998 and expires on January 1, 2002.