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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1. Sec. 1(f) of Act No. 59 of the Acts of 1993, as amended by Sec. 34 of Act No. 62 of the Acts of 1995, is amended to read:

(f) Sale of state-owned property, St. Johnsbury.

The commissioner of state buildings is authorized to sell a parcel of land for the sum of $1.00 to the Town of St. Johnsbury for use *[as a solid waste management facility]* for a public purpose, which shall not be restricted to use by only the residents of the Town of St. Johnsbury. The parcel is three acres, more or less, bounded by a 30-foot offset from the St. Johnsbury community correctional center access road center line to the North, Route 5 and the Ulric Norris' property to the East, H.S. and T.S. Rivers' property to the South and the Winot property and the remaining portion of the state property to the West. Before the sale may be consummated, the Town of St. Johnsbury shall obtain, at no cost to the state, a survey of the parcel by a registered surveyor, a title search of the parcel, and all necessary subdivision permits as may be required by municipal and state government entities. In the event the *[land is not used for the purpose designated by this section,]* town wishes to discontinue use of the land for a public purpose as required by this section, the town *[may, with]* shall first obtain the approval of the general assembly*[, change the use or ownership of the land]* to do so. *[In the event the town does seek legislative approval to change the use or ownership of the land,]* Upon granting such approval, the legislature shall*[, upon granting such approval,]* require that the land shall revert to state ownership if not used for the new purpose designated. The transfer of the parcel to the Town of St. Johnsbury by the state is contingent upon the transfer to the state by the Town of St. Johnsbury, for the sum of $1.00, of a three to four acre parcel to be used as the location for a 300,000 gallon water tank. The deed transferring this parcel shall contain and quote the language set forth herein above, and it shall reference this section of this act, as it

amends Act No. 59 of the Acts of 1993, as amended by Sec. 34 of Act No. 62 of the Acts of 1995 and by this act.

Approved: March 30, 1998