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ACT NO. 62

Capital Budget; Bonding

This act appropriates capital funds for fiscal year 1998, authorizes the issuance of bonds for this purpose, and revises state law as indicated below.

Total spending authorized by the act is $43,674,987. Of this total, $774,987 is funded byreallocation of unspent capital appropriations from previous years, which leaves a balance of $42,900,000 required in new long-term state debt.

The Capital Debt Affordability Advisory Committee, operating pursuant to 32 V.S.A., Chapter 13, Subchapter 8, recommended that for fiscal year 1998, new long-term state general obligation debt not exceed $43,000,000.

Of the total amount appropriated:

- 47 percent is for funding grant-in-aid programs and individual capital projects benefiting municipalities or non-profit organizations.

- 41 percent is for funding individual capital projects in support of agencies of state government and institutions of higher education.

- 12 percent is for funding computer and related equipment purchases, in support of state agencies and local public education.

Ten individual appropriations in the act are of $1,000,000 or more each, and together constitute 76 percent of the total amount appropriated by the act. The items and amounts are as follows:

- School construction grants to municipalities 7,348,052
- State office building, in Newport 6,250,000
- Water pollution grants or loans to municipalities 5,876,310
- Vermont Tax Department computer system 3,700,000
- Castleton State College academic building, in Castleton 2,800,000
- Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust 2,700,000
- Department of State Buildings major maintenance 1,335,000
- State office building, in Burlington 1,000,000
- State office building, in Springfield 1,000,000
- University of Vermont heating system, in Burlington 1,000,000

This year general fund monies are also appropriated in other acts for school construction grants to municipalities and for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust. The Equal Education Opportunity Act appropriates $9,650,000 in general funds for school construction, which added to the $7,348,052 capital appropriation makes a total of $16,998,052 in state monies available for this purpose. Similarly, the General Appropriations Act adds $5,184,741 to the $2,700,000 capital appropriation for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust for a total of $7,884,741.

In addition to the above individual capital appropriations, the capital construction act makes 79 individual appropriations for 79 other, individual capital projects or programs to be carried out by:

- Agency of Administration
- Agency of Commerce and Community Development
- Agency of Human Services
- Agency of Natural Resources
- Department of Agriculture
- Department of Buildings and General Services
- Department of Education
- Department of Military
- Department of Public Safety
- the Judiciary
- Vermont Historical Society
- Vermont Veterans' Home
- various municipalities and non-profit organizations

The act also requires legislative reporting and adds or amends state law as follows:

A. Reports to the General Assembly or to individual legislative committees:

  1. Report by Vermont Correctional Industries interim legislative study committee on operations of the Vermont correctional industries program, to be made to the House and Senate Committees on Institutions by January 15, 1997.

  2. Reports by other special committees, to be made to the House and Senate Committees on Institutions, by January 15, 1997:

    1. By Vermont Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Advisory Board:
      • Name Vermont Veterans’ Cemetery chapel in honor of Chaplain G.L. Fox.

    2. By special study committee of state executive branch and local government officials:
      • Recommendations for establishing an Addison County combined public safety facility.

  3. Reports by executive branch, all to be made to the House and Senate Committees on Institutions, by January 15, 1997:

    1. By "the administration":
      • Proposed site for 350-bed medium security correctional facility.

    2. By Agency of Administration:
      • Propose parking permit and fee incentive plan for state parking lots in Montpelier.
      • Notice of transfers of capital appropriations for major maintenance within Capitol Complex in Montpelier.

    3. By Agency of Human Services:
      • Recommend method of funding corrections inmates’ recreation needs.

    4. By Department of Buildings and General Services:
      • Recommendations and preliminary designs to meet space needs of House standing committees in the State House, including feasibility of reconstructing the "attic" area above third floor of oldest annex.
      • Recommend building in Capitol Complex for use as visitor information and welcome center, plus means of financing.

    5. By Departments of Buildings and General Services and of Corrections:
      • Recommend plan and budget for corrections inmates’ telephone use.

    6. By Departments of Buildings and General Services and of Public Safety:
      • Feasibility and costs of alternate technologies for Vermont emergency alert system.

    7. By Offender Work Programs Board:
      • Report on its activities, at least annually.

  4. Other reports by executive branch to be made to the legislature as indicated:

    1. By special executive branch committee:
      • Plan for expansion of computerized tax department revenue system, to Joint Fiscal Committee by September 15, 1998.

    2. By Agency of Administration:
      • Notice of bid solicitations for computer transmissions pursuant to contract with NYNEX, to Chairs of House and Senate Committees on Appropriations and Institutions as they occur, and to General Assembly by January 15, 1998.

    3. By Agency of Natural Resources and Department of Corrections:
      • Acceptance of grants, to Joint Fiscal Committee and House and Senate Institutions Committees as they occur.

    4. By Department of Buildings and General Services:
      • Proposed State House sound notification system for use by the House and Senate, to Legislative Advisory Committee on The State House, by July 1, 1997; with action by this legislative committee by September 1, 1997.
      • Design and engineering of a parking facility adjacent to Capitol Complex, to City-State Commission (which contains legislative members).

    5. By Department of Finance and Management:
      • Draft legislation to improve efficiency of financial management in state government, in relation to new computerized state accounting and financial management system, to House and Senate Committees on Government operations and Appropriations, by January 15, 1998.

    6. By Division of Historic Preservation:
      • Feasibility of rehabilitating historic building in Swanton Village for a Native American cultural heritage museum, to General Assembly, by January 15, 1998.

    7. By State Board of Education:
      • Model guideline on school building safety and health, to House and Senate Committees on Education (and to each school district), by September 1, 1997.

B. Real estate transactions:

  1. Concerning the Department of Buildings and General Services:

    1. Authorize transfer of a 3.98 acre parcel of state-owned land adjoining the Plymouth Notch Cemetery to the Town of Plymouth.

    2. Authorize sale of state’s interest in the Northwest Regional Library property in Georgia to the Town of Georgia.

    3. Authorize purchase of property owned by the Chittenden Bank in the City of Newport, to add to site of Newport state office building construction project.

    4. Authorize condominium agreements for sale or lease to private parties of space in Newport state office building.

    5. Authorize condominium agreement amendment regarding state office space in lease-purchased state office space in the City of Rutland.

    6. Amend previous authorization to sell the former state-farm property in Duxbury to the Town of Duxbury.

    7. Stipulate conditions of sale of the former Montpelier and Wells River Railroad freight house in Montpelier, in relation to the Montpelier riverfront redevelopment project.

  2. Concerning the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation:

    1. Authorize conveyance of conservation easement on 1,128 acre Belvidere Pond property to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and the Vermont Land Trust.

    2. Authorize sale of easement within Mt. Mansfield State Forest to the Mt. Mansfield Company, Inc.

    3. Authorize amendment of 385 acre leasehold within Okemo State Forest to the Okemo Mountain, Inc.

    4. Authorize exchange of rights-of-way between Willoughby State Forest and private property owner Jack Darling.

  3. Concerning the Division for Historic Preservation:

C. Other actions:

  1. Management and use of capital funds:

    1. Authorize Commissioner of Buildings and General Services and other agency heads to transfer capital appropriations.

    2. Authorize Secretary of Natural Resources and Commissioners of Corrections and of Environmental Conservation to accept grants.

    3. Authorize Commissioner of Buildings and General Services to spend federal funds for prison construction.

    4. Authorize the Vermont State Colleges to spend its capital funds.

  2. Amendments to previous capital construction acts:

    1. Amend purpose of appropriation for Agency of Transportation garage in Waitsfield.

    2. Amend definition of property constituting the state office building and waterfront project in the City of Newport.

    3. Amend terms of energy service contracts entered into by the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services.

  3. Concerning administration of state-owned property:

    1. Name the state office building at 108 Cherry Street in Burlington the "John J. Zampieri State Office Building".

    2. Direct shuttle bus service to be reinstated between the Department of Employment and Training Building and the Capitol Complex area, in Montpelier.

    3. Direct the Department of Buildings and General Services to provide temporary space in Chittenden County for Department of Corrections offices.

    4. Add Title 29, section 170; grants authority to Commissioner of Buildings and General Services to allocate parking in state-owned and controlled parking lots and to enforce related parking regulations.

  4. Concerning Department of Environmental Conservation water supply programs:

  5. Concerning historic sites and structures:

    1. Amend Title 21, section 252a; removes sunset of Historic Variance Appeals Board.

    2. Prohibits demolition of the Orleans County Jail prior to review by Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and approval by General Assembly.

    3. Approve several historic sites for identification under the Historic Site Markers Program.

  6. Concerning other individual subjects:

    1. Add Title 28, section 761; creates an Offender Work Programs Board to advise concerning the Vermont correctional industries program.

    2. Add Title 23, section 3305(k); requires information be included with motorboat registrations regarding safeguards against spreading zebra mussels and Eurasian milfoil.

    3. Amend Title 29, section 1160; limits distribution of House and Senate Journals.

    4. Amend Title 2, section 13; limits distribution of House and Senate Journals to legislators; and eliminates addendum to journals regarding capital and general appropriations acts.

    5. Amend Title 19, section 1111(d); permits use of highway right-of-ways for private sewer and water lines.

    6. Require Vermont Housing and Conservation Trust to provide consumer information on home purchases.

Effective Date: June 26, 1997.