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ACT NO. 55

Snowmobile, Motorboat and ATV Registrations; Nondriver Identification Cards; Hazard Warning Lights; Notice

This act adds "all-terrain vehicles" to the definition of "motor vehicle" in the motor vehicle statutes. Additionally, it allows the commissioner to authorize municipal clerks to renew the registrations of snowmobiles and motorboats, to file reports received of convictions and "adjudications," and to issue nondriver identification cards.

This act also changes the provisions of notice of hearings by stating that notice is sufficient if sent by first class mail and a return receipt is no longer necessary. Additionally, all requests for personal information shall be under oath.

The act allows the commissioner to obtain the driving records for first-time applicants for an operator license, junior operator license or learner permit. If such an applicant has had a suspension, revocation, or cancellation, a learner’s permit shall not be issued.

The act provides that any period of incarceration, including a furlough, may not be included as abstinence time when a person, whose license has been suspended for three or more years for a DUI violation, is applying for reinstatement of driving privileges.

This act also creates a "temporary authorization" to enter Vermont, upon payment of a $15.00fee, for any vehicles that are registered in other jurisdictions and are eligible for "motor fuel tax licensing under the International Fuel Tax Agreement Plan". Additionally, the Republic of Mexico is added to the list of jurisdictions that have commercial driver licences which are acceptable in Vermont. Also, cars that are leased by a parent or guardian of a permanently handicapped person will be exempt from the purchase and use tax.

The act repeals the prohibition on downgrade coasting in a motor vehicle when the transmission is in neutral. Also repealed, is the requirement that the commissioner send a warning letter to any licensed operator who accumulates a minimum of five points on the driving record within a two year period.

Effective Date: July 1, 1997