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ACT NO. 53


This act makes the following changes to the adoption law (Title 15A) enacted in 1996:

(1) Provides a workable procedure for obtaining criminal record checks on persons who adopt a child in Vermont and requires the director of the Vermont Criminal Information Center to verify that the FBI is destroying an applicant’s fingerprint records upon completion of the adoption process.

(2) Allows the probate court, for good cause, to waive the fingerprint requirement.

(3) Extends the time for completing a preplacement evaluation from 60 to 90 days.

(4) Clarifies that a Vermont probate court can handle an adoption of a child in the custody of SRS who is being adopted by persons from out of state.

(5) Eliminates the requirement that a petition for adoption be filed in duplicate.

(6) Clarifies that in stepparent adoptions, the adopted child may inherit from his or her former parent if the former parent dies without a will.

This act also eliminates the requirement that probate courts keep duplicate records.

Effective Date: June 26, 1997