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ACT NO. 48

Act 250; Communication Support Structures; Development; Radio Towers

This act classifies as a "development" and thus establishes Act 250 jurisdiction over certain broadcast and communication support structures and related improvements, independent of the acreage involved. Jurisdiction is triggered for any support structure proposed for construction, which is primarily for communication or broadcast purposes and which will extend vertically 20 feet, or more, in order to transmit or receive communication signals for commercial, industrial, municipal, county or state purposes. If jurisdiction is triggered for such a support structure, then jurisdiction will also extend to the construction of improvements ancillary to the support structure, including buildings, broadcast or communication equipment, foundation pads, cables, wires, antennas or hardware, and all means of ingress and egress to the support structure.

The act also amends the Act 250 definition of "development" to include the construction of improvements on a tract of land involving more than 10 acres which is to be used for county purposes.

Effective Date: July 1, 1997