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This act extends the period of a learners permit after an endorsement examination from 60 days to 120 days and the number of times a learners permit may be renewed from once to twice. If after the 120 days and two renewals a permittee has not passed the skills test or training course, he or she may not obtain another permit for 12 months unless a training course is successfully completed.

This act also allows the commissioner discretion to require any applicant to successfully complete an approved curriculum before issuing a learners permit or motorcycle endorsement. The commissioner cannot implement the training course until it is determined that the program can be operated effectively. In the implementation of such a training course, the commissioner must report to the House and Senate Committees on Transportation by January 7, 1998, detailing the training, the number of hours, the cost of the course, and implementation schedule.

Effective Date: May 6, 1997. However, the provision extending the permit to 120 days is applied retroactively to July 1, 1996.