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2005 - 2006 Legislative Session


Bill:  S.0314 
Currently:  In the Senate  
Sponsor(s): S Education
Request No:  06-0908 
Drafter:  Winchester 

Senate Status:

Current Status:  NOTICE CALENDAR 
Status Date:  04/21/2006 
Jrn. Page
1st Reading:  03/17/2006    363 
2nd Reading:  03/23/2006  AMEND   448 
3rd Reading:  03/24/2006  PASSED  487 

Senate Committee Reports:

There are no Senate committee reports for this bill.

Senate Amendments (Individual):

Member Date Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
Wilton, Wendy L. & Starr  03/22/2006  824  Disagreed to  448  03/23/2006 
Mullin, Kevin J.  03/23/2006  824  Agreed to  448  03/23/2006 

Senate Roll Call Votes:

Date Question Ayes Nays P/F Jrn JrnDate  
03/23/2006  Shall the bill be amended as moved by Senator Mullin?  27  449  03/23/2006  Details
03/23/2006  Shall the bill be read the third time?  23  449  03/23/2006  Details
05/10/2006  Shall the Senate accept and adopt the report of the Committee of Conference?  25  1863  05/10/2006  Details

House Status:

Status Date:  05/23/2006 
Jrn. Page
1st Reading:  03/29/2006    774 
2nd Reading:  04/14/2006    1032 
3rd Reading:  04/19/2006  PASSED  1050 

House Committee Reports:

Committee In Date Out Date Report Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
H Education  03/29/2006  04/10/2006  F/W/A    Agreed to  1032  04/14/2006 
H Appropriations  04/11/2006  04/13/2006  F/W/A    Agreed to  1035  04/14/2006 

House Amendments (Individual):

Member Date Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
Branagan, Carolyn Whitney   04/14/2006    Disagreed to  1035  04/14/2006 
Klein, Tony   04/14/2006    Withdrawn  1035  04/14/2006 

House Roll Call Votes:

Date Question Ayes Nays P/F Jrn JrnDate  
04/14/2006  Shall the report of the committee on Education, as amended, be further amended as recommended by Branagan?  49  78    04/14/2006  Details

Conference Committees:

House Members Appointed Senate Members Appointed
Cross, George  4/26/2006  Collins, Donald "Don"  4/25/2006 
Lavoie, Kathy LaBelle  4/26/2006  Condos, James  4/25/2006 
Jerman, Tim  4/26/2006  Doyle, William  4/25/2006 

Governor's Actions

House and Senate Agreement: 05/10/2006
Sent to Governor: 05/17/2006
Governor's Action: Enacted without signature
Date: 05/23/2006
Act No: 0186

Bill Text:

Bill As Introduced
House Proposal of Amendment
As Passed the Senate
Bill As Passed by House and Senate

Act As Enacted into Law
Act Summary