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2007-2008 Legislative Session


Bill:  H.0616 
Currently:  Enacted Law 
Sponsor(s): Pellett, Kathy
Hutchinson, Jim
Ancel, Janet
Anderson, Jon
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Request No:  08-0455 
Drafter:  Burr 

House Status:

Current Status:  SIGNED BY GOVERNOR 
Status Date:  04/22/2008 
Jrn. Page
1st Reading:  01/16/2008    23 
2nd Reading:  03/18/2008    606 
3rd Reading:  03/19/2008  PASSED  630 

House Committee Reports:

Committee In Date Out Date Report Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
H Agriculture  01/16/2008  03/14/2008  F/W/A    Agreed to    03/18/2008 

House Amendments (Individual):

Member Date Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
McAllister, Norman H.  03/19/2008    Disagreed to  630  03/19/2008 

House Roll Call Votes:

Date Question Ayes Nays P/F Jrn JrnDate  
03/19/2008  Shall the bill pass?  124  16    03/19/2008  Details

Senate Status:

Current Status:  PASSED BOTH HOUSES 
Status Date:  04/11/2008 
Jrn. Page
1st Reading:  03/20/2008    369 
2nd Reading:  04/08/2008    576 
3rd Reading:  04/09/2008  PASSED  586 

Senate Committee Reports:

Committee In Date Out Date Report Cal. Action Jrn. JrnDate
S Agriculture  03/20/2008  04/04/2008  F/W/P/A  1257  Agreed to  576  04/08/2008 

Senate Amendments (Individual):

There are no Senate amendments for this bill.

Senate Roll Call Votes:

There are no Senate roll calls for this bill.

Conference Committees:

There are no conference committees for this bill.

Governor's Actions

House and Senate Agreement: 04/11/2008
Sent to Governor: 04/16/2008
Governor's Action: Signed
Date: 04/22/2008
Act No: 0101

Bill Text:

Bill As Introduced
As Passed the House
Senate Proposal of Amendment
Bill As Passed by House and Senate

Act As Enacted into Law
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