Health Care Reform
The Vermont Legislature's Public Engagement Forums

Sponsored by the
House Committee on Health Care (Chair: Rep. John Tracy)
Senate Committee on Health and Welfare (Chair: Sen. James Leddy)

The Snelling Center report on the Legislature's Health Care Public Engagement Process is now available online!

Public Engagement Information Sheets are now available online!

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Contact the House Committee on Health Care and the Senate Health and Welfare Committee Directly.


The House Committee on Health Care and the Senate Health and Welfare Committee have engaged The Snelling Center for Government to organize a set of forums and public meetings to actively engage the public in a series of discussions on health care reform in Vermont. On six days in locations throughout the state, most of the 17 members of the joint committees will be traveling to local communities, where they will be joined by local legislators in meeting with a range of stakeholders and the general public in different forums.

The public is invited to an open town meeting forum in each location that will take place from 6:30 - 9pm and will take a somewhat different approach than a traditional hearing. Local citizens will be invited to join legislators in an open poster session where members of the committees will be stationed around a room with displays evidencing key learning that the legislature engaged in over the last year that helped them evaluate and develop different approaches to health care reform. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with committee members, will be asked to address specific questions, will be able to post comments on the information and presentations, and take away information and an opportunity to provide further feedback to the Legislature from themselves or their neighbors who are not able to attend.

This open forum will then merge into a whole group gathering hosted by the Chairs of the Joint Committees who will briefly report to those assembled on what they have been hearing and learning during the day, and then open the forum up to comments from the group, focused both on the key questions from the earlier displays, and other issues that were not necessarily covered in the smaller group conversations.