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The Vermont Legislature

Pre-Kindergarten Education Study Committee

Committee Members
  • Representative Duncan Kilmartin, Chair
  • Senator James Condos, Vice-Chair
  • Representative Denise Barnard
  • Commissioner Richard Cate
  • Senator Donald "Don" Collins
  • Commissioner Steve Dale
  • Senator Vincent Illuzzi
  • Representative Tim Jerman
  • Chris Robbins
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Scheduled Meetings

Date & Time
1:00 p.m.
11/06/07 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
4:30 p.m.
10/02/07 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
8:00 a.m.
02/01/07 Agenda
Room: 28, State House
6:30 p.m.
01/25/07 Agenda
Room: 11, State House
8:00 a.m.
01/09/07 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
9:00 a.m.
12/08/06 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
9:00 a.m.
11/14/06 Agenda
Barton/Newport Road Trip
8:30 a.m.
10/27/06 Agenda

7:00 p.m.
10/09/06 Agenda
- Public Informational Gathering & Hearing
All 14 Vermont Interactive Television sites
8:30 a.m.
09/18/06 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
2:00 p.m.
08/22/06 Agenda
Room: 10, State House
11:30 a.m.
07/19/06 Agenda
Room: 10, State House

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Documents Presented to or Requested by the Committee

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Web Links Presented to or Requested by the Committee


Governors Executive Orders for Building Bright Futures
Executive Order: Vermont's Alliance for Children Transitional Board
Executive Order: A Public/Private Partnership

Vermont Early Learning Standards
Guiding the Development and Learning of Children Entering Kindergarten

Vermont Early Childhood Program
Licensing and Registration Regulations

Vermont Daycare Licensing Regulations for Family Day Care Homes
Licensing and Statutes

Vermont Childcare Subsidy Income Eligibility
Child Care Benefits

Vermont STARS (Step Ahead Recognition System)
Visit the website!

Vermont Department of Education early learning information
Early Education Publications and Resources

Vermont Parent Guide to Early Learning Standards
Guiding Your Childs Early Learning

Vermont State Board of Education
State Board Minutes of February 21, 2006


NIEER: National Institute for Early Education Research
The State of Preschool (2005)

NIEER: Debunking the Myths: Benefits of Preschool
Position Paper

Steps and Requirements to Achieve NAEYC Accreditation
Visit the Website!

Education Commission of the States
Early Learning Pre-Kindergarten Database
Report: The Economic Promise of Investing in High-Quality Preschool

NPC PreKindergarten Policy Framework
Section 3: Finance: Cost and Funding PreKindergarten Programs

Pre-K Now
Funding the Future: States Approaches to Pre-K Finance

Institute for Women's Policy Research
The Price of School Readiness

National Council of State Legislators
New Research: Early Education as Economic Investment

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Georgia Pre-K Longitudinal Study 1996-2001

Newsweek Article
The New First Grade

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Testimony presented to the Committee during the VIT Hearing

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Letters Sent to the Committee

Date Letter Sent By:
09/07/2006 Rob Roper
09/18/2006 John McClaughry
10/04/2006 Ryea, Tammy.
10/04/2006 Castle, John A
10/08/2006 Stock, Susan
10/08/2006 Dodge, Tami
10/09/2006 Rushford, Faith
10/09/2006 Epstein, Jan
10/10/2006 Putvain Dunn, Monique
10/10/2006 Russo, Denise
10/11/2006 Bulmer, Jim
10/11/2006 Tagatac, Chris
10/11/2006 McMullen, Jack
10/11/2006 Sargent, Judith
10/11/2006 Mazur, Frank
10/11/2006 Gregoire, James
10/11/2006 Jones Tagatac, Ashley
10/11/2006 Maynard Jr., Robert
10/11/2006 Behr, P.G
10/11/2006 Oppenheimer, Jerry
10/11/2006 Oppenheimer, Joan
10/11/2006 Willis, Greg
10/11/2006 Ellicott Esq., Kevin
10/11/2006 Chambers, Steve & Mary
10/11/2006 Kerrigan, Barry T
10/11/2006 Duffy, Virginia
10/11/2006 Kuusela, George
10/11/2006 Lewis, Nelda
10/11/2006 Roper, Rob
10/12/2006 Blakeman, Kevin
10/12/2006 Goldberg, PJ
10/12/2006 Harris Jr., Martin S
10/12/2006 De Gasta, Fran
10/13/2006 Lang, Sam (Sherb)
10/13/2006 Lorenz, Maurice & Mary Jane
10/13/2006 Sheldon, Michelle
10/13/2006 Roper, Rob
10/15/2006 Merson, Caren
10/15/2006 Cross, Rep. George
10/16/2006 Clark, Patrice
10/16/2006 Will, Hope
10/17/2006 Newman, Karen
10/18/2006 McClaughry, John
10/19/2006 Kratz, Catherine
10/20/2006 McClaughry, John
10/25/2006 Roper, Rob..
10/30/2006 Tarail, Cynthia
10/30/2006 Roper, Rob
11/02/2006 McClaughry, John

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Peer Reviewed Research on PreKindergarten Education

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Other articles individual committee members have found of interest

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