H. 895





Sec. 15. 8  V.S.A. § 4080f

Allows carriers in the small group to offer Catamount Health.

Sec. 15. 8  V.S.A. § 4080f

Provides that  BISHCA will require hospital or medical service corporations and nonprofit HMOs to offer Catamount Health if no carriers offer it voluntarily

Sec. 21.  2  V.S.A. § 903

Allows the emergency board to extend deadline for filing of letters of intent if necessary


Provides for automatic review by the commission on health care reform if:

  • No carriers offer Catamount Health
  • No letters of intent, rates or forms are filed with BISHCA within certain time periods
  • The commission determines by April 1, 2007 that the market is not a cost-effective method of providing coverage


Commission may trigger self-insured plan if market is not cost-effective or no carriers offer Catamount Health

Sec. 21.  2  V.S.A. § 903

No earlier than October 1, 2009, the commission shall evaluation the Catamount Health market for cost-effectiveness


Commission may trigger self-insured plan if the market is not cost-effective


Sec. 49.  Effective Dates

Technical corrections to include Secs. 17-19, 23 and 28 with appropriate effective dates


Sec. 21. 2  V.S.A. § 902

Technical change to commission expirations from 2009 to 2011 to reflect duties in 902 and 903