NO. R-219.  House concurrent resolution honoring Ray W. Allen for 30 years of leadership of and dedication to South Hero Rescue.


Offered by:  Representative Johnson of South Hero.

Whereas, Ray W. Allen founded South Hero Rescue in 1973 when it separated from the South Hero Fire Department, and is to date, the first and only person to have served as Chief of the South Hero Rescue, and

Whereas, for 30 years, Ray has dropped absolutely anything he was doing to commit his full attention to a patient when the need arose, and

Whereas, for years and years, he and his extremely patient wife Pam, a valued dispatcher and crucial part of South Hero Rescue herself, were awakened countless times by “The Red Phone” for any fire, police, or rescue emergency in all of Grand Isle County, and

Whereas, he has comforted countless patients and worried or grieving family members with his kind words, emergency medicine skills, and famous hugs, and is always willing to do the same for fellow rescue members and their families, and

Whereas, Ray W. Allen has sacrificed his time, farm duties, hobbies, sleep (and even his Jeep) in fulfilling South Hero Rescue duties, and

Whereas, he has consistently kept the best interests of the patient foremost in his decision‑making, and

Whereas, he has trained literally generations of rescue members and has worked tirelessly to improve the emergency response system and quality of patient care in South Hero, Grand Isle County, and the State of Vermont, and

Whereas, Ray W. Allen is frequently the first to arrive and last to leave any rescue call, drill, or meeting, and

Whereas, he has demonstrated tireless dedication, deep compassion, and a special gift for learning, teaching, and leading in the field of emergency medicine, and

Whereas, his commitment, willingness, and service have earned deep appreciation and respect from members of the squad and community, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates and expresses its deepest appreciation to Ray W. Allen for 30 years of dedication and continued service to South Hero Rescue and the people served by that organization, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Ray W. Allen in South Hero.