NO. R-198.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the Champion Fire Company #5 of South Londonderry on the occasion of the company’s centennial anniversary.


Offered by:  Representative Hube of Londonderry.

Whereas, fire protection in every community is essential for public safety, and

Whereas, by the 1880s, in the village of South Londonderry, the tried and true bucket brigade was no longer a satisfactory means of extinguishing blazes, and

Whereas, in response to the need for more effective firefighting apparatus, the village purchased an 1861 Hunneman hand pumper which was far more efficient than the bucket brigade, and

Whereas, recognizing that an administrative structure was equally important as the proper equipment for the fighting of fires, on May 3, 1903, the local citizenry formed the Champion Fire Company #5 with the stated mission of protecting life and property, not merely in the village of South Londonderry, but in the entire town of Londonderry, and

Whereas, the Hunneman pumper, affectionately known as “our Tub,” remained on call until the early 1930s, and has been cherished ever since, especially at its annual appearance at the 4th of July parade, and

Whereas, when the Tub was sent to a much deserved retirement, the department entered the motorized era with the purchase and conversion into a pumper of a 1928 four-door Cadillac sedan, and

Whereas, in 1939, the department updated its equipment with the purchase of a Chevrolet cab and chassis which served the town with faithful service until its replacement arrived in 1953, when the department purchased a Chevrolet truck which this year marks a half-century of remarkable service, and

Whereas, the fleet has since been expanded on several occasions:  first, with a 1969 GMC cab and chassis specially fitted for departmental use; then in 1976, with financial help from the town of Londonderry, the department’s first store-bought pumper/tanker was purchased; in 1996, a four-door pumper/tanker was acquired, again with the much appreciated assistance of the town, which permitted the retrofitting of the 1969 vehicle as a command post; and finally in 2002, with the assistance of the Thrifty Attic grant moneys, much-needed forestry equipment, and

Whereas, on the date of the company’s centennial anniversary, a wonderful open house was held at the fire station to commence a century of service to the town, and

Whereas, the company is looking ahead and is hoping to purchase a four‑wheel drive F550 Ford vehicle, and

Whereas, the company’s centennial of firefighting service in Londonderry is a cause for celebration, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Champion Fire Company #5 of South Londonderry on the occasion of the department’s centennial anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Chief George H. Lang at the Champion Fire Company #5 in South Londonderry.