NO. R-197.  House concurrent resolution honoring Sam and Barbara Lloyd of Weston for their personal support of technology education at the Flood Brook Union School in Londonderry.


Offered by:  Representatives Hube of Londonderry and Freed of Dorset.

Whereas, Flood Brook Union School (FBUS), Vermont’s first K-8 union school, was chartered in 1965 as a collaborative effort encompassing the towns of Londonderry, Landgrove, and Weston after Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kiggins Jr. donated a 25‑acre tract of land and a monetary gift of $125,000 as an impetus for the school’s establishment, and

Whereas, the town of Peru joined the union in 1970, and

Whereas, in 1992, following the failure of two bond issues intended to finance a combined FBUS renovation and expansion, Sam Lloyd, a former local official and state representative from Weston, and his wife Barbara, offered to endow the school through a $1 million trust fund for technology, and

Whereas, this extraordinarily generous gift served as a catalyst for the ultimate passage of a bond issue, and

Whereas, the Lloyd endowment spurred the development of a comprehensive technology education curriculum in the school and enabled FBUS to become a fully networked facility with a laptop computer assigned to each teacher, four workstations in each classroom, and a community lab, and

Whereas, the Lloyds’ endowment has invigorated the work of students; sparked a reassessment of teaching strategies; and solidified school-community ties through the offering of technology courses to the public, and

Whereas, the magnificent donation of Sam and Barbara Lloyd has been a pivotal event for the FBUS, and

Whereas, on May 29, FBUS will honor the donors to the school’s technology program, and especially the Lloyds, by hosting a “ten years of technology” celebration which will include both a group presentation and opportunity for guests to visit individual classrooms and see the technology in action, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Sam and Barbara Lloyd for their magnificent generosity toward of the Flood Brook Union School’s technology program, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send two copies of this resolution, one for presentation to Sam and Barbara Lloyd, and one for the school’s retention, to Nancy Westlund at the Flood Brook Union School in Londonderry.