NO. R-174.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the town of Townshend on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.


Offered by:  Representative Marek of Newfane.

Offered by:  Senator Gander of Windham County and Senator White of Windham County.

Whereas, on June 20, 1753, Benning Wentworth, the royal governor of New Hampshire, granted a charter for the town of Townshend in the New Hampshire Grants, the future state of Vermont, and

Whereas, the name Townshend was in honor of a British family whose members held numerous seats in Parliament and which was related to at least half the noble families in Britain, and

Whereas, the town enthusiastically forsook its namesake in the American Revolution as General Samuel Fletcher, a Townshend resident, commanded troops at both the Battle of Bennington and the Battle of Saratoga, and ultimately commanded all Vermont’s troops fighting the battle for national independence, and the village of Simpsonville, located within Townshend’s borders, is named in honor of Thomas Simpson, a young drummer boy at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and

Whereas, Townshend’s place in our nation’s political history is secure as it is the birthplace of Alphonso Taft who migrated West and whose descendants have served at the highest levels of state and national government, including the presidency of the United States, and

Whereas, Townshend is the birthplace of Clarina Howard Nichols, a cousin of the Tafts, and a pioneer crusader for equal rights for both

African-Americans and women, who in 1850 became the first woman to address the General Assembly, thus laying the foundation for the many 20th‑century women who have not been mere legislative supplicants, but equal and frequently eloquent legislators, and

Whereas, Marshall Harvey Twitchell, another Townshend native, commanded a Union regiment of African-American troops in the Civil War and later served as U.S. Consul General in the Canadian province of Ontario, and

Whereas, Townshend is the home of Leland Classical and English School, Vermont's first private secondary school, founded in 1834, now the Leland and Gray Union High School, and it also hosts the respected Cottage Hospital, and

Whereas, today, Townshend’s farms and other commercial enterprises produce many products, including food, cheese, toys, glassware, furniture, lenses, and innumerable other crafts and wares sold locally, nationally, and around the world, and

Whereas, along with many festivities, the town of Townshend is celebrating its proud 250‑year history with the publication of its first full-length history, “A Stitch in Time:  Townshend, Vermont 1753-2003,” now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the town of Townshend on the occasion of its 250th anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Townshend town clerk.