NO. R-163.† House concurrent resolution congratulating Chris Barbieri on his retirement as president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.


Offered by:† Representatives Mazur of South Burlington and Obuchowski of Rockingham.

Whereas, Chris Barbieri has devoted three decades to promoting the economic vitality of the Green Mountain State in his role as president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and

Whereas, he was raised on Long Island and graduated from Cornell University where, in addition to graduating with a degree in agricultural economics, he was a collegiate rower, and

Whereas, after his studies at Cornell University, he proceeded to the University of Vermont and earned a masterís degree, and

Whereas, having completed his graduate academic program, Chris Barbieri accepted a position with H.P. Hood and spent five years in the dairy industry, an excellent place to learn the workings of a critical sector of Vermontís economy, and

Whereas, in 1969, he became executive vice president of the Greater Vermont Association, the predecessor of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and

Whereas, his outstanding work on the associationís behalf led, in 1972, to promotion to the office of president, and

Whereas, when he joined the chamberís staff, it consisted of only two full‑time, and one part‑time, staff members, and

Whereas, in his early years, Barbieri devoted many hours personally to lobbying and testifying on legislation which the business community sought to be enacted, and

Whereas, under his leadership, the organization has become the premier business lobbying association in Vermont with over 1,600 members and 20 staff providing advocacy and support services, and

Whereas, the chamber sponsors northern New Englandís largest annual business trade show, and

Whereas, he has now turned much of his attention to promoting Vermont business overseas and regularly travels abroad, especially to Asia, where he has repeatedly journeyed to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to encourage trade with Vermont, and

Whereas, after three decades as president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, during which time he has also acquired a collection of vintage cars, his special hobby, Chris Barbieriís tenure in this important post for Vermontís business community will conclude this fall when he moves to Shanghai, and

Whereas, despite his forthcoming presidential resignation, Chris Barbieri is hardly retiring as he will parlay his experience in Asia into a new position as the Vermont Chamber of Commerceís first full‑time representative and advocate in Shanghai, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Chris Barbieri on his outstanding contributions to economic development in the state of Vermont as president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and wishes him every success as he embarks on a new adventure on behalf of Vermontís future economic vitality in China, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Chris Barbieri at the Vermont Chamber of Commerce in Berlin.