NO. R-151.† House concurrent resolution congratulating state game warden David Gregory and state troopers Denis Girouard and Kelly Henry as outstanding law enforcement officials.


Offered by:† Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources.

Whereas, while the state of Vermontís law enforcement corps is among the finest in the nation, special recognition is due to those individuals who have made particularly noteworthy contributions in the continual battle against criminal offenders, and

Whereas, for several years, law enforcement authorities in the Northeast Kingdom had been unable to solve the mystery behind one of the largest arson cases in the region, consisting of the 1997 fire which destroyed Concord Constable William J. Smithís home, and the subsequent blaze, in 1999, which demolished the Smith-owned Packing House Lounge, and

Whereas, the still‑simmering mystery was extinguished while state game warden David Gregory was investigating an unrelated deer poaching incident and discovered important information relating to the unsolved arson case, and

Whereas, as a result of state game warden Gregoryís investigation, William J. Smith, his son, John W. Smith of St. Johnsbury, and the senior Smithís Concord neighbor, Leslie F. Shatney, were each arrested in connection with the two fires, and

Whereas, state troopers Denis Girouard and Kelly Henry were pivotal players in unraveling the mystery surrounding the two fires which resulted in $300,000.00 worth of property damage, and

Whereas, David Gregoryís extraordinary service as a state game warden is not limited to this role in the Smith arson investigation, and

Whereas, his adeptness at investigatory tasks has led to the unraveling of several major poaching mysteries, and

Whereas, in recognition of his sharp skills in tracking down criminal perpetrators on the stateís lands and waters, state game warden Gregory will be honored as Vermontís Fish and Game Warden for the year 2002 at a conference of northeast fish and game officers to be convened in Rhode Island, and on May 20, there will be a presentation ceremony in warden Gregoryís honor at the governorís office, and

Whereas, on Friday, March 7, 2003, in recognition of their roles in the Smith arson investigation, the state policeís chief criminal investigator, Captain Bruce Lang, presented a Commanderís Citation award to warden Gregory and trooper Girouard, while trooper Henry will be honored at a later date, and

Whereas, each of these law enforcement officers deserves special recognition for his extraordinary public service, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulate state game warden David Gregory and state troopers Denis Girouard and Kelly Henry for their exemplary work as law enforcement officers, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to state game warden David Gregory at the department of fish and wildlife in Waterbury and to state troopers Denis Girouard and Kelly Henry at the department of public safety, also in Waterbury.