NO. R-142.† Senate concurrent resolution designating Vermont professional loggers appreciation week.


Offered by:† Senator Illuzzi of Essex-Orleans County.

Whereas, forestry-related industries constitute an essential component of Vermontís economy, and

Whereas, the fundamental requirement for a healthy forestry industry is the vitality of the stateís logging operations, and

Whereas, there are approximately 500 logging contractors in Vermont who employ an additional 250 persons and generate an annual payroll of $5.1 million, and

Whereas, Vermontís forest owners earned $30 million in stumpage revenue in 1998 that translated into $85 million of roundwood products which were delivered to the over‑220 Vermont-based sawmills and to other mills around the world, and

Whereas, the forest-based manufacturing industry in Vermont, which is the recipient of some of these roundwood products, employs nearly 7,500 persons, 16 percent of all employees in Vermont, and ships over $964 million in goods, and

Whereas, wood fuels six percent of Vermontís energy needs, including the fuel for two biomass power plants, 23 schools, five state office complexes, and several individual state buildings and garages, and

Whereas, 803 loggers have participated in classes at the Vermont Professional Loggers Program (VT PLP), during which they meticulously study all aspects of the logging profession, and

Whereas, after completing 32 credits in VT PLP classes, a logger earns certification as a professional logger, and

Whereas, continuing study is imperative if loggers, once certified, are to maintain their specialized skills and safety knowledge to work in the woods, and

Whereas, the loggersí recertification is obtained through a further 32-credit, four-year program of one-week sessions at the Vermont Loggers Academy, which is the only logger training entity in Vermont which meets OSHA standards, and

Whereas, both of these outstanding educational programs are offered under the auspices of the private, nonprofit Vermont Loggers Association, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly designates the fourth week of April 2003 as Vermont Professional Loggers Appreciation Week, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Vermont Loggers Association in Greensboro.