NO. R-139.† House concurrent resolution in memory of Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class Erik Halvorsen of Bennington.


Offered by:† Representatives Morrissey of Bennington, Corcoran of Bennington, Krawczyk, A. of Bennington and Krawczyk, J. of Bennington.

Offered by:† Senator Sears of Bennington County and Senator Shepard of Bennington County.

Whereas, duty to country is exemplified in many ways and especially through service in our nationís armed forces, and

Whereas, the individuals who enlist in our nationís military service understand that the day may come when their lives will be placed in jeopardy as they are called upon to defend our nation in battle in locations far from home, and

Whereas, U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class Erik Halvorsen was an outstanding American who grew up in Bennington and graduated from Mount Anthony Union High School, and

Whereas, upon completing his college degree in electronic engineering from the University of Hartford in 1986, he joined the United States Army, and

Whereas, his engineering aptitude made him an excellent pilot candidate, and he completed helicopter flight school at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, becoming a skilled U-H60 Black Hawk pilot and later serving as a flight instructor, and

Whereas, Erikís military career had included previous overseas assignments in Operation Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Korea, and

Whereas, in 1995, he was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Army and was then assigned to the Medical Service Corps, 498th Forward Support Battalion as a Medevac section leader, and

Whereas, in June 2000, he was assigned as a warrant officer to Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), and

Whereas, on Wednesday, April 2, 2003, Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class Halvorsen, while deployed in Iraq piloting a Black Hawk helicopter, died, as did his five other crew members, while offering aerial support to the 3rd Infantry Divisionís ground‑based combatants, and

Whereas, his brave service and devotion to his nation will be honored by all Vermonters, and

Whereas, his many friends in Bennington, and especially his family, including his parents, his three sisters, and his maternal grandmother, will miss his warm and caring personality, quiet thoughtfulness, and high ideals, and

Whereas, Chief Warrant Officer Halvorsenís tragic death reminds all of us that the price of our freedom is often very dear, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its most profound expression of sympathy to the family of U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class Erik Halvorsen of Bennington who has made the ultimate sacrifice for his nation, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send copies of this resolution to the members of Chief Warrant Officer family, including his mother Dorothy of Bennington, his father Halvor of Richmond, Maine, his sisters Brenda of Lake Worth, Florida, Karen of Petaluma, California, and Ingrid of Delmar, New York, and his grandmother Antonia of Bennington.