NO. R-129.  House concurrent resolution honoring Susan Hunter of Weathersfield for her quarter century of volunteer service as a trustee of the Proctor Library.


Offered by:  Representative Shand of Weathersfield.

Offered by:  Senator Senator Campbell of Windsor County, Senator Dunne of Windsor County and Senator Welch of Windsor County.

Whereas, individuals who devote their time and effort, be they professional librarians or community volunteers, to the operation and governance of public libraries are worthy of much praise, and

Whereas, Susan Hunter has extensive experience as both a professional librarian and public library trustee, and

Whereas, after earning her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College, she pursued graduate studies in library science at the University of Texas, and

Whereas, recognizing the importance of encouraging youngsters to become regular library patrons, she decided to specialize in children’s librarianship, and

Whereas, prior to graduating from library school, she was employed as a children’s librarian in the Austin, Texas public library system, and

Whereas, upon graduating from the University of Texas, and relocating to Weathersfield, Vermont, she accepted a position at the Claremont, New Hampshire Public Library, first as a children’s librarian, and then as head librarian, and

Whereas, more recently, she has been on the staff of the Springfield Public Schools as a school librarian, and

Whereas, aside from her professional duties, for the past quarter century, Susan Hunter has dedicated many volunteer hours to serving her community as a trustee of the Proctor Library, the public library for the town of Weathersfield, and

Whereas, during the past several years, her responsibilities at the Proctor Library have expanded to include service as chair of the board of trustees, and

Whereas, she has been an exemplary trustee whose record of accomplishment and wise advice is a model for her colleagues throughout Vermont, and

Whereas, after a quarter century, Susan Hunter is relinquishing her role as a Proctor Library trustee, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to recognize Susan Hunter’s contributions to public libraries, both as a librarian and a public library trustee, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Susan Hunter in Weathersfield.