NO. R-122.† House concurrent resolution honoring Kreig Pinkham of Northfield for his work on behalf of runaway and homeless youth.


Offered by:† Representatives Grad of Moretown and Donahue of Northfield.

Whereas, Kreig Pinkham of Northfield, the director of the Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth, has been a dynamic and instrumental advocate on behalf of Vermontís troubled youth, and

Whereas, under his inspired leadership, the Vermont Coalition for Runaway and Homeless Youth has partnered with other organizations, including the Vermont Childrenís Forum and the Vermont Coalition of Teen Centers, to raise public awareness concerning the problems which all too many Vermont youth encounter and to facilitate the provision of youth support services, and

Whereas, he has recognized that in order for young persons to reconstruct their lives on a steady path, short-term assistance requires the underpinning of caring professionals who can instill in youngsters the confidence and capacity to turn their lives around in a more productive manner, and

Whereas, others have recognized Kreigís outstanding abilities and dedication to the plight of troubled youth as he was recently elected the New England representative on the National Council on Youth Policy, and

Whereas, the council serves as the public policy advisory board for the National Network for Youth, an 800‑member coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to assuring that young persons can be safe and lead healthy and productive lives, and

Whereas, the knowledge he has gained from his experiences working in Vermont will be of great value on the national policy‑making level, and

Whereas, one of the tasks he will assume as a member of the council is to assist in the effort to ensure the reauthorization of the federal Runaway and Homeless Youth Act which expires this year, and

Whereas, Kreig is a Vermonter who is devoting his career to the worthy effort of improving the future prospects for many of Vermontís most troubled and vulnerable young persons, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly honors the laudatory work of Kreig Pinkham on behalf of Vermontís and the nationís troubled youth, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Kreig Pinkham in Northfield.†††