NO. R-106.† House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2003 Essex High School Hornets Division I championship cheerleading team.


Offered by:† Representatives Sweetser of Essex, Heath of Westford, Hunt of Essex, Kirker of Essex and Myers of Essex.

†††† Whereas, Essex High Schoolís cheerleading teams are legendary among their competitors for their agility, athletic discipline, enthusiasm, and precision timing, and

†††† Whereas, this unusual combination of essential performing ingredients has repeatedly coalesced in a stunning fashion during the annual championship meet when cheerleading squads from across the state vie for the title of Vermontís premier cheerleading squad in their respective interscholastic divisions, and

†††† Whereas, in the annual competition for the Division I title, one team, the Essex High School Hornets, has repeatedly shone above all the other competitors, and

†††† Whereas, entering the 2003 Vermont Principals Association State Cheerleading championships at St. Michaelís College, the Hornets once again demonstrated the skillful execution and enthusiastic spirit which have previously earned their school 14 Division I titles, and

†††† Whereas, Essex High Schoolís legion of fans was hardly disappointed as the team scored an historic 200 points, the first perfect performance ever achieved at the state cheerleading championships, and

†††† Whereas, Hornets Maria Alberts, Jordan Avery, Marcy Brownell, Kim Cole, Tom Correia, Cody Demars, Sarah Gibson, Ashley Gordon, Ashley Hunter, Alex Kolinich, Jessica Lindholm, Nicole Lovejoy, Emma Massaquoi, Allyson McAllister, Steve McGuire, Ryan Morgan, Lindsay Morrett, Caitlin Schrack, Dayna Slocum, Jessica Smith, Alex Tailer, Tori Ung, Sarah Weld, and Jacquelynn Williamsís individual contributions were all essential to the Hornets extraordinary success, and

†††† Whereas, Coach Lissa McDonaldís inspiration, guidance, and tutelage are the underpinnings of Hornet cheerleading, now therefore be it

†††† Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

†††† That the General Assembly congratulates the Essex High School Hornets 2003 Division I cheerleading team on its historic 200‑point state championship victory, and be it further

†††† Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Lissa McDonald at Essex High School.