NO. R-102.† Senate concurrent resolution congratulating the 2002 Middlebury Union High School Tigers Division I championship football team.


Offered by:† Senator Ayer of Addison County and Senator Gossens of Addison County.

Offered by:† Representatives Maier of Middlebury, Nuovo of Middlebury, Jewett of Ripton, Smith of New Haven and Young of Orwell.

Whereas, the 2002 Division I interscholastic football championship was a classic defensive encounter between the Middlebury Union High School Tigers and the Hartford High School Hurricanes, and

Whereas, the Hurricanes, who had easily defeated the Tigers just two weeks prior to the championship game, were confident they could repeat their initial victory, and

Whereas, the Hurricanes underestimated the Tigersí football prowess, and

Whereas, each sideís defensive efforts were equally insurmountable as the roaring cheers of a post touchdown score were never heard from any fan in attendance at St. Peterís Field, and

Whereas, Tiger Patrick Smithís pivotal second quarter interception enabled teammate Averill Wickland to kick a 31-yard field goal, the longest of his high school football career, and score the only points for either team, and

Whereas, the Middlebury Tigersí championship victory capped a seven‑game win streak and marked the schoolís first football championship since 1995, and

Whereas, all the Tigers, including Jared Audet, Patrick Smith, Cliff Burnham, Mark Daly, Bryan Jones, Jamie Burkholder, Andrew Saenger, Ricky Quesnel, Jamison Kimberly, Danny Raymond, Bob Jones, Brett Ringey, Russell Barrett, Ben Saenger, Jon Sagendorf, Tim Laframboise, Cameron McDonald, Pierre Bordeleau, Miley Massed, Sean Pope, David Hanson, Erik Randall, Kurt Schmid, John Illick, Earl Hurlburt, Mark Deering, Jed Quesnel, Douglas Burnham, Mike Sumner, Averill Wickland, Chad Murphy, and Tim Lawes, can share the credit for the teamís outstanding season, and appreciated the support of team manager Kevin Burkholder, and

Whereas, Head Coach Peter Brakeley, assistant coaches Dennis Smith, Paul Cherrier, and John Nucedar, and sideline coordinators Craig Burnham and Leonard Barrett, each served an important role in Middleburyís success, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2002 Middlebury Union High School Tigers Division I championship football team, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Peter Brakeley at Middlebury Union High School.