NO. R-78.  JOINT RESOLUTION congratulating the 2003 Hartford High School Hurricanes Division II championship boys' ice hockey team.


Offered by:  Senator Campbell of Windsor County, Senator Dunne of Windsor County and Senator Welch of Windsor County.

Offered by:  Representatives Bohi of Hartford, Kainen of Hartford and Reese of Pomfret.

Whereas, the Hartford High School Hurricanes boys’ ice hockey players’ 2003 objective, to repeat their 2002 championship victory over the Northfield Marauders, required mastery of the hockey puck and a plethora of perseverance, and

Whereas, the Hurricanes, as the only team to have defeated the Marauders during regular season play, knew Northfield’s 20 victories were not to be equated with invincibility, and

Whereas, on the basis of Connor Cyrus’s first period goal, the Hurricanes assumed the initial lead, and

Whereas, not easily defeated, the Marauders demonstrated their skills as they scored two subsequent goals and led the Hurricanes 2-1 until the 13:43 mark of the third period, and

Whereas, Hurricane Nick Trottier, enjoying a brief one-man Hartford advantage, maximized the opportunity as he scored an essential goal, tying the score at two-all for the balance of regulation play, and

Whereas, the tension for both teams continued to escalate, as they concluded the first eight-minute overtime period still tied, despite each team’s valiant efforts to swoosh the puck past the opposing goalie, and

Whereas, the Hurricanes’ stamina reaped dividends as Anthony White slammed in the season’s most important point with only 52 seconds remaining in the second overtime period, and

Whereas, all of the exhausted and joyous Hartford Hurricanes, including Camden Hall, Tyson Dean, Shawn Spear, Zach Aher, Jason Gramling, Brian Martin, Nick Trottier, Brad DeFelice, Jeff Lallier, Anthony White, Alex Tenenbaum, Anthony Symancyk, Marc Bucklin, Matt Kemon, Connor Cyrus, Dan Campbell, Matt McCabe, Chad Finnemore, Mike Pierce, and Ryan VanSchoick, deserve special recognition for an outstanding championship game and season-long performance, and

Whereas, Coach Todd Bebeau, assistant coaches Kevin Guilboult and Mike Bebeau, team manager Joe Mitchell, and trainer Luna Ricker are to be congratulated for greatly assisting the Hurricanes’ successful drive to repeat as Division II champions, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2003 Hartford High School Hurricanes Division II championship boys’ ice hockey team, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Todd Bebeau at Hartford High School.