NO. R-69.  House concurrent resolution honoring the Vermont Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill Ambassadors.


Offered by:  Representatives Wright of Burlington, Aswad of Burlington, Baker of West Rutland, Bohi of Hartford, Crawford of Burke, Crowley of West Rutland, Endres of Milton, Fisher of Lincoln, Helm of Castleton, Hudson of Lyndon, Kainen of Hartford, Kenyon of Bradford, McCullough of Williston, Metzger of Milton, Peterson of Williston, Rogers of Castleton, Sharpe of Bristol and Smith of New Haven.

Whereas, on September 19, 2002, the American Cancer Society conducted an historic convocation in our nation’s capital, entitled Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill, which commemorated the accomplishments of cancer survivors and urged Congress to adopt legislative measures to intensify the battle against cancer, and

Whereas, the Relay for Life in Washington, for which a makeshift track was constructed adjacent to the Capitol’s reflecting pool, represented the climactic culmination of the over 3,300 local Relays for Life which raised $245 million for the American Cancer Society’s research and education programs, and

Whereas, this national celebration commenced with a special cancer survivors’ lap, and during the balance of the 12‑hour observance, representatives from all 50 states walked the circumferential route to symbolize the continuing fight against cancer, and

Whereas, over the course of the day, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson and members of Congress addressed the large assembly, and

Whereas, while thousands of persons participated in this unique event, a special contingency, consisting of 3,000 “Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill Community Ambassadors,” individuals from every congressional district, upon whose lives cancer has had a direct impact, comprised the pivotal advocates present to express support for the battle to cure cancer, and

Whereas, the Vermont Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill Ambassadors, including John Adams of Fair Haven, a three‑year cancer survivor; Linda Revell of Lincoln, a seven‑year survivor; Berkeley and Susan Bennett of New Haven Mills, Kay and Bob Perkins of Lyndonville; Judy Stephany of Burlington; Marianne Casey of Castleton, who lost a 9‑year old son; Betty Baginski of West Rutland; Peggy Mattes of Williston, who lost a 13‑year old daughter; Wendy Knight of Milton, a four‑year survivor; Steve Langley of White River Junction, a 17‑year survivor; and Veronica Hill‑Marvin of Bradford will gather at the State House on Wednesday, March 12, and

Whereas, these individuals’ personal cancer episodes have inspired them to serve as special warriors in the battle to find the cure for cancer, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly recognizes the significant and personal crusade each of the Vermont Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill Community Ambassadors has contributed to the battle against cancer, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to each of the Vermont Community Ambassadors and to the Vermont Chapter of the American Cancer Society.