NO. R-43.† House concurrent resolution congratulating the Gifford Medical Center on the occasion of the centerís centennial anniversary.


Offered by:† Representatives Ketchum of Bethel, French of Randolph and Webster of Randolph, and Senator MacDonald of Orange County.

Whereas, in 1903, Dr. John Pearl Gifford purchased the Selden Holman House on Main Street in Randolph and established a private hospital, and

Whereas, in 1905, a nursing school was established, which would train nurses until 1959, and the newly‑organized Randolph Sanatorium assumed ownership of the hospital while Dr. Gifford continued as the medical director, and

Whereas, by the 1920s, the original structure was proving inadequate for the Sanatoriumís expanding offering of medical services, and a community fundraising drive culminated in the 1924 opening of a modern brick 16‑room annex, and

Whereas, following a 1929 blaze which destroyed the original Holman House and despite the economic hardship of the early Depression years, with strong community support, a new addition opened in 1931, and

Whereas, following Dr. Giffordís death in 1933, the Randolph Sanatorium was renamed the Gifford Memorial Hospital in honor of the hospitalís founder, and

Whereas, beginning in 1952, a series of major additions and renovations has occurred which transformed the hospital into a modern medical facility serving the White River Valley, and

Whereas, in 1977, Gifford Memorial Hospital opened New Englandís first hospital birthing room, now known as the birthing center, as an alternative to traditional hospital deliveries, and

Whereas, beginning in 1989, the hospital established community health centers in Rochester, Bethel, Chelsea, and South Royalton, and

Whereas, in 1991, to reflect its broader health care role in Orange, Windsor, and Washington counties, the hospital was renamed Gifford Medical Center, and, in 1993, continuing its commitment to the elderly, the hospital reestablished a tranquility nursing home in Randolph, and

Whereas, Gifford Medical Center remains dedicated to serving the health care needs of the greater Randolph community, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Gifford Medical Center, an outstanding community health care organization, on the occasion of the centerís centennial anniversary, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Gifford Medical Center in Randolph.