NO. R-18.† Senate concurrent resolution congratulating Gordy Smith on the 25th anniversary of service as chief of the Johnson Fire Department.


Offered by:† Senator Bartlett of Lamoille County and Representative Nease of Johnson.

Whereas, firefighters must be on call around the clock, and

Whereas, in many Vermont communities, such as Johnson, they serve as volunteers, and

Whereas, a fire chief provides leadership and inspiration to his colleagues and represents the department before the community at large, and

Whereas, for the past quarter century, Gordy Smith has served as an extraordinary fire chief of the Johnson Fire Department, and

Whereas, during the 1990s, when severe flooding twice struck the town of Johnson, his expertise and extraordinary leadership enabled the Johnson Fire Department to complete its missions without loss of life and with minimal damage to property, and

Whereas, Gordyís leadership by example has established the highest standards for professionalism and coolness under fire, and

Whereas, through his tireless efforts, the Johnson Fire Department established an emergency water rescue team in response to drownings in the Lamoille River, and

Whereas, while many Vermont communities are struggling to adequately staff their local volunteer fire departments, Gordyís leadership, recruiting skills, and perseverance have all contributed to Johnsonís boasting a dedicated corps of top-notch firefighters, and

Whereas, as he marks a quarter century of service in the Johnson Fire Departmentís top leadership position, Gordy is among the most admired and respected fire chiefs in the state, and

Whereas, it is universally desired by his firefighters and the citizens of Johnson that Gordy Smith continue to serve as chief for many years to come, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Gordy Smith as he marks his first quarter century of outstanding service as chief of the Johnson Fire Department, and be it further

Resolved:† That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Gordy Smith in Johnson.