NO. R-13.  House concurrent resolution congratulating the 2002 Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers’ Division II championship football team.


Offered by:  Representatives Obuchowski of Rockingham, Darrow of Dummerston, Deen of Westminster and Partridge of Windham.

Whereas, the Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers’ undefeated football team, affectionately known as the Purple Curtain, met the Spaulding Union High School Crimson Tide to vie for the 2002 Division II championship title, and

Whereas, the contest began on an exciting note as quarterback Kyle Thibodeau returned the Crimson Tide’s opening kick for a breathtaking 92 yards to immediately place the Terriers on the scoreboard, and

Whereas, by the early third quarter, the Terriers had developed a 19-6 lead when the tireless Thibodeau sprinted for 73 yards, and with able assistance from his colleagues Brandon Allen and Tom Chisamore, widened the Purple Curtain commanding point margin to 26-6, and

Whereas, the amazing Terriers’ quarterback ultimately played a major role in securing 24 of the Purple Curtain’s 33 points, 245 total yards, and was responsible for four of the Terriers’ five touchdowns, and

Whereas, this championship contest will also be remembered for the Crimson Tide’s 24-point offensive surge in the fourth quarter, which nearly changed the game’s conclusion, and

Whereas, despite this unexpected finale, the Purple Gang proved durable and captured the 2002 Division II football title with a 33-30 victory, and triumphantly capped an 11-0 undefeated season, and

Whereas, each football Terrier, including co-captains Brandon Allen and Sean Griffin, and their colleagues Chris Sines, Chris Mack, Matt Brown, Joe Stoodley, Jacob Stoddard, Jacob Lawrence, Brian Chamberlin, Ben Woodbury, Dave Barbarow, Kyle Harper, Zach Howe, Tom Chisamore, Jon Sines, Joel Thurston, Kyle Thibodeau, Chris Dryden, Peter Bates, Dan Walsh, Dean Lansberry, Tim Williams, Justin Lynch, Lyle Aiken, Tristian Crawford, Jason Armstrong, Gordie Jacobs, Louis Garcia, Kyle Pierce, Russell Corliss, John Steuwe, Sean Williams and Tony Boccaccio, played superbly throughout the season, and

Whereas, outstanding Head Coach Bis Bisbee, assistant coaches Bob Lockerby and Jack Cohun, and team managers Mark and Peter Frink served an important role in the Terriers’ triumphant season, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2002 Bellows Falls Union High School Terriers’ Division II championship football team, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Coach Bis Bisbee at Bellows Falls Union High School.