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ACT NO. 57


Court Procedures; Restitution; Commission on Juvenile Justice

This act funds the payment of restitution to crime victims by imposing a surcharge on all criminal offenses and most civil violations. The surcharge is equal to 15 percent of the fine imposed for the offense or violation. Money collected through the surcharges is placed in a newly-created crime victims’ restitution special fund. A restitution unit is created within the center for crime victims services for purposes of managing the restitution special fund, collecting restitution from offenders when it is ordered by the court, and making restitution payments to victims. The department of corrections’ responsibility for supervising and collecting restitution is eliminated, as is its authority to charge a defendant with a probation or parole violation for failing to pay restitution. The center for crime victims services and the department of corrections are required to submit a plan for transferring authority over restitution management and collection from the department to the center. The act also eliminates the juvenile justice policy subcommittee and assigns its duties to the commission on juvenile justice.

Effective Date: July 1, 2004, except for sections 1, 3, 4, 7, 13a and 14, which take effect from passage, June 4, 2003.