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ACT NO. 52


Alcoholic Beverages; Minors

This act requires minors who have violated the law against procuring, possessing, or consuming alcoholic beverages for the first time to report directly to the court diversion board rather than being charged with a criminal offense in district court or with a civil violation in the judicial bureau. The minor is required to register for the diversion board’s teen alcohol safety program (TASP), which includes substance abuse screening and, if deemed necessary following the screening, substance abuse education or substance abuse counseling. TASP may include other conditions related to the offense as well. If the minor successfully completes TASP, the case is closed, and no penalties are imposed for the violation. If the minor fails to report to the court diversion program or to complete the requirements of TASP, the case is referred to the judicial bureau, where the minor is subject to a fine of $300.00 and to a 90-day suspension of his or her driver’s license.

Effective Date: From passage, October 1, 2003