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ACT NO. 32


Birth Information Network

This act requires the commissioner of health to establish a statewide birth information network designed to follow infants and children up to one year of age who have any of 40 identified medical conditions. The network information shall be used to identify newborns who have specified health conditions which may respond to early intervention and treatment, to provide information on public health activities, and to improve the health care delivery system.

The department of health is authorized to collect information for the network, coordinate existing data systems, and coordinate with data systems in other states. Every two years the commissioner is required to compile information to document possible links between environmental and chemical exposure with the special health conditions of Vermont infants and children.

The network must be designed to comply with HIPAA and to protect the confidentiality of the individuals and families involved. The department is required to develop a form that contains a description of the network and the purpose, and must include a statement that the parent or guardian of a child may contact the department to have his or her child’s personally identifying information removed from the network using a process developed by the advisory committee. The act permits the commissioner to appoint the advisory committee, which is created to comment on the effectiveness of the network and to provide the department with information about funding opportunities.

The commissioner must apply for grants from the CDC and other sources to establish the network. Establishment and continued funding of the network is contingent upon application and receipt of a grant from the CDC or other funding sources.

Effective Date: July 1, 2003