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ACT NO. 120


Unwanted Telephone Solicitations

This act requires the registration with the Secretary of State of telemarketers who are not already registered or licensed by the state making telephone solicitations to telephone numbers in Vermont.

Telephone numbers in Vermont which have been on the Direct Marketing Association telephone preference service list quarterly update for at least 60 days may not be called. Telephone numbers in Vermont which the customer requested, at least 45 days previously, be put on the telephone solicitors do-not-call list may not be called.] Criminal penalties and a private cause of action are set forth for violating the provisions of this act.

Local exchange carriers shall provide annual notices to residential customers of the do-not-call list and the telephone preference service.

The Secretary of State will report to the Legislature by October 1, 2002 regarding electronic registration for telemarketers.

Effective Date: July 1, 2002