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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1.  17 V.S.A. § 1893 is amended to read:


The state is divided into the following initial districts, each of which shall be entitled to the indicated number of representatives:

   District                                   Towns and Cities                      Representatives

Addison-1                            Addison, Bridport, Ferrisburg,                              2

                                Panton, Vergennes and Waltham

Addison-2                            Lincoln, Monkton and Starksboro                         1

Addison-3                            Bristol                                                                  1

Addison-4                            Cornwall, Middlebury, New Haven                       3

                                and Weybridge

Addison-Rutland-1               Orwell, Shoreham, Benson and                             1


Addison-Rutland-2               Goshen, Hancock, Leicester, Ripton                     1

                                Salisbury, Whiting and Sudbury

Bennington-1                        Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland                      1

Bennington-2                        Bennington, Glastenbury, Readsboro,                    6

                                Shaftsbury, Stamford and Woodford

Bennington-3                        Pownal                                                                 1

Bennington-4                        Manchester                                                          1

Bennington-Rutland-1           Dorset, Peru, Winhall, Danby and                         1


Caledonia-1                         Hardwick, Stannard and Walden                          1

Caledonia-2                         St. Johnsbury                                                        2

Caledonia-3                         Barnet, Ryegate and Waterford                             1

Caledonia-4                         Burke, Lyndon and Sutton                                    2

Caledonia-Washington-1      Danville, Peacham and Cabot                               1

Chittenden-1                        Colchester and Winooski                                      6

Chittenden-2                        Essex, Milton and Westford                                  7

Chittenden-3                        Bolton, Jericho and Underhill                                2

Chittenden-4                        Richmond                                                             1

Chittenden-5                        Charlotte, St. George, Shelburne and                    4


Chittenden-6                        Hinesburg                                                             1

Chittenden-7                        Burlington and South Burlington                          14

Essex-Caledonia-1               Bloomfield, Brunswick, Concord,                         1

                                            Granby, Guildhall, Lemington,

                                            Lunenburg, Maidstone, Victory and


Essex-Caledonia-2               Averill, Avery’s Gore, Brighton,                            1

                                            Canaan, Ferdinand, East Haven, Lewis,

                                            Norton, Warren’s Gore, Warner’s Grant

                                            and Newark

Franklin-1                            Franklin and Highgate                                           1

Franklin-2                            Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg and                    2


Franklin-3                            St. Albans City and St. Albans Town                    3

Franklin-4                            Fairfield and Sheldon                                            1

Franklin-5                            Fairfax, Fletcher and Georgia                                2

Franklin-Grand Isle-1           Swanton and Alburg                                             2

Grand Isle-1                         Grand Isle, Isle La Motte, North Hero                  1

                                and South Hero

Lamoille-1                            Belvidere, Cambridge and Waterville                    1

Lamoille-2                            Hyde Park, Morristown, Stowe and                      3


Lamoille-3                            Eden and Johnson                                                 1

Orange-1                             Braintree, Brookfield and Randolph                      2

Orange-2                             Chelsea, Orange, Tunbridge, Vershire,                  2

                                            Washington and Williamstown

Orange-3                             Bradford and Corinth                                            1

Orange-4                             Fairlee, Thetford and West Fairlee                        1

Orange-Caledonia-1             Newbury, Topsham and Groton                            1

Orleans-1                             Brownington, Charleston, Derby,                          2

                                            Holland and Morgan

Orleans-2                             Coventry, Irasburg, Newport City and                  2

                                            Newport Town

Orleans-Caledonia-1            Albany, Barton, Craftsbury, Glover,                      2

                                            Greensboro, Westmore, Sheffield and


Orleans-Franklin-1               Jay, Lowell, Troy, Westfield and                           1


Rutland-1                             Castleton, Fair Haven, and West Haven                2

Rutland-2                             Brandon and Pittsford                                           2

Rutland-3                             Poultney                                                               1

Rutland-4                             Mt. Holly, Mt. Tabor, Tinmouth and                     1


Rutland-5                             Rutland Town                                                       1

Rutland-6                             Rutland City                                                         5

Rutland-7                             Clarendon, Ira, Proctor and West                         2


Rutland-Bennington-1           Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Wells and                1


Rutland-Windsor-1               Chittenden, Mendon, Killington and                      1


Washington-1                       Moretown, Northfield and Roxbury                      2

Washington-2                       Calais, East Montpelier, Marshfield,                      2

                                Plainfield and Woodbury

Washington-3                       Barre Town                                                          2

Washington-4                       Barre City and Berlin                                            3

Washington-Addison-1         Fayston, Waitsfield, Warren Granville                   1

Washington-Chittenden-1     Duxbury, Waterbury, Buel’s Gore and                  2


Washington-Lamoille-1         Middlesex, Montpelier, Worcester and                 3


Windham-1                          Athens, Dummerston, Putney and                          2


Windham-2                          Brattleboro                                                           3

Windham-3                          Brookline, Marlboro, Newfane and                       1


Windham-4                          Dover, Jamaica, Londonderry, Stratton                 1

                                and Wardsboro

Windham-5                          Guilford and Vernon                                             1

Windham-Bennington-1        Halifax, Somerset, Whitingham,                             1

                                Wilmington and Searsburg

Windsor-1                            Windsor                                                               1

Windsor-2                            Barnard, Hartford, Pomfret, Reading                     4

                                and Woodstock

Windsor-3                            Hartland and West Windsor                                  1

Windsor-4                            Cavendish and Weathersfield                                1

Windsor-5                            Andover, Baltimore, Chester and Weston             1

Windsor-Orange-1               Norwich, Royalton, Sharon and                            2


Windsor-Rutland-1               Ludlow, Plymouth and Shrewsbury                       1

Windsor-Rutland-2               Bethel, Rochester, Stockbridge and                      1



Windsor-Windham-1            Springfield, Grafton, Rockingham and                   4


ADDISON-1                       Middlebury                                                           2

ADDISON-2                       Cornwall, Goshen, Hancock,

                                            Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury                             1

ADDISON-3                       Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton,

                                            Vergennes and Waltham                                       2

ADDISON-4                       Bristol and, in Monkton, the following                   1

                                            census blocks 960100:  3023, 3026, 3027,

                                            3028, 3029, 3031, 3037, 3038, 3039, 3040,

                                            3041, 3042, 3043, 3044, 3045, 3046 and 3047

ADDISON-5                       Lincoln, Starksboro and that part of

                                            Monkton not in ADDISON-4                               1

ADDISON-6                       Bridport, New Haven and Weybridge                   1

ADDISON-                         Orwell, Shoreham, Whiting and Benson                1


BENNINGTON-1               Pownal and Woodford                                         1

BENNINGTON-2               Bennington                                                           4

BENNINGTON-3               Glastenbury and Shaftsbury                                   1

BENNINGTON-4               Manchester                                                          1

BENNINGTON-5               Arlington, Sandgate, Sunderland, and,                   1

                                            in Rupert, the following census blocks

                                            970300:  1021, 1055, 1058 and 1099

BENNINGTON-                 Dorset, Landgrove, Peru, Danby and

RUTLAND-1                      Mount Tabor                                                        1

BENNINGTON-                 Readsboro, Searsburg, Stamford, Dover,

WINDHAM-1                     Somerset and Wardsboro                                     1

BENNINGTON-                 Winhall, Jamaica, Londonderry, Stratton

WINDHAM-                       and Weston                                                          1


CALEDONIA-1                  Barnet, Ryegate and Waterford                             1

CALEDONIA-2                  Hardwick, Stannard and Walden                          1

CALEDONIA-3                  St. Johnsbury                                                        2

CALEDONIA-4                  Burke, Lyndon and Sutton                                    2

CALEDONIA-                    Groton, Newbury and Topsham                            1


CALEDONIA-                    Sheffield, Wheelock, Albany, Barton,

ORLEANS-1                       Craftsbury, Glover and Greensboro                      2

CALEDONIA-                    Danville, Peacham and Cabot                               1


CHITTENDEN-1                Charlotte and Hinesburg                                       2

CHITTENDEN-2                Williston                                                               2

CHITTENDEN-3                Burlington, South Burlington and

                                            Winooski                                                            15

CHITTENDEN-4                Richmond                                                             1

CHITTENDEN-5                Shelburne and St. George                                     2

CHITTENDEN-6                Essex and Westford                                              5

CHITTENDEN-7                Colchester                                                            4

CHITTENDEN-8                Jericho, Underhill, and, in Bolton, the                    2

                                            following census blocks 002900: 4001,

                                            4002, 4003, 4004, 4007 and 4998                        

ESSEX-CALEDONIA-1     Kirby, Bloomfield, Brunswick, Concord,

                                            Granby, Guildhall, Lunenburg, Maidstone

                                            and Victory                                                          1

ESSEX-CALEDONIA-2     Newark, Averill, Avery’s Gore, Brighton,

                                            Canaan, East Haven, Ferdinand, Lemington,

                                            Lewis, Norton, Warner’s Grant, Warren’s

                                            Gore and Westmore                                             1

FRANKLIN-1                     Fairfax and Georgia                                              2

FRANKLIN-2                     Fairfield, Fletcher and St. Albans Town                 2

FRANKLIN-3                     St. Albans City                                                     2

FRANKLIN-4                     Bakersfield and Enosburg                                     1

FRANKLIN-5                     Sheldon and Swanton                                           2

FRANKLIN-6                     Berkshire, Franklin, Highgate and Richford            2

GRAND ISLE-                    Alburg, Grand Isle, Isle La Motte,

CHITTENDEN-1                North Hero, South Hero and Milton                      4

LAMOILLE-1                     Stowe                                                                  1

LAMOILLE-2                     Belvidere, Cambridge and Waterville                    1

LAMOILLE-3                     Eden and Johnson                                                 1

LAMOILLE-4                     Hyde Park and Wolcott                                        1

LAMOILLE-                       Elmore, Morristown, Woodbury and

WASHINGTON-1              Worcester                                                            2

ORANGE-1                        Chelsea, Corinth, Orange, Vershire,

                                            Washington and Williamstown                               2

ORANGE-2                        Bradford, Fairlee and West Fairlee                       1

ORANGE-                          Braintree, Brookfield, Randolph

ADDISON-1                       and Granville                                                        2

ORANGE-                          Strafford, Thetford, Tunbridge and

WINDSOR-1                      Norwich                                                               2

ORLEANS-1                       Brownington, Charleston, Derby, Holland

                                            and Morgan                                                          2

ORLEANS-2                       Coventry, Irasburg, Newport City and

                                            Newport Town                                                     2

ORLEANS-                         Jay, Lowell, Troy, Westfield and                            

FRANKLIN-1                     Montgomery                                                         1

RUTLAND-1                      Clarendon, Ira, Poultney, Proctor and

                                            West Rutland                                                        3

RUTLAND-2                      Castleton, Fair Haven, Hubbardton

                                            and West Haven                                                   2

RUTLAND-3                      Shrewsbury, Tinmouth and Wallingford                 1

RUTLAND-4                      Rutland Town                                                       1

RUTLAND-5                      Rutland City                                                         4

RUTLAND-6                      Pittsford and Sudbury                                           1

RUTLAND-7                      Brandon                                                               1

RUTLAND-8                      Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Wells                       1

                                            and that part of Rupert not in


RUTLAND-                        Chittenden, Killington, Mendon and

WINDSOR-1                      Bridgewater                                                          1

RUTLAND-                        Mount Holly, Ludlow and Plymouth                      1


RUTLAND-                        Pittsfield, Bethel, Rochester and Stockbridge         1


WASHINGTON-1              Fayston, Waitsfield and Warren                            1

WASHINGTON-2              Moretown, Northfield and Roxbury                      2

WASHINGTON-3              Barre City and Berlin                                            3

WASHINGTON-4              Barre Town                                                          2

WASHINGTON-5              Montpelier                                                            2

WASHINGTON-6              Calais, Marshfield and Plainfield                            1

WASHINGTON-7              East Montpelier and Middlesex                             1

WASHINGTON-                Waterbury, Duxbury, that part of Bolton               2

CHITTENDEN-1                not in CHITTENDEN-8, Buel’s Gore and Huntington

WINDHAM-1                     Guilford and Vernon                                             1

WINDHAM-2                     Halifax, Whitingham and Wilmington                     1

WINDHAM-3                     Brattleboro                                                           3

WINDHAM-4                     Athens, Brookline, Grafton, Rockingham,              2

                                            Windham and, in Westminster, the following                      census blocks 967600: 1002, 1003,

                                            1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1009, 1010,

                                              1011, 1012, 1013, 1018, 1019 and 1020

 WINDHAM-5                     Dummerston, Putney and that part of                                                                                         Westminster not in WINDHAM-4               2

WINDHAM-6                       Marlboro, Newfane and Townshend                   1

WINDSOR-1                        Andover, Baltimore, Chester and Springfield        3

WINDSOR-2                        Cavendish and Weathersfield                               1

WINDSOR-3                        Windsor                                                  1

WINDSOR-4                        Hartland and West Windsor                                1

WINDSOR-5                        Reading and Woodstock                                     1

WINDSOR-6                        Barnard, Hartford and Pomfret                3

WINDSOR-7                        Royalton and Sharon                                           1


Boards of Civil Authority of towns in initial House districts which have been directed or authorized to present recommendations for subdivision into final House districts pursuant to 17 V.S.A. §§ 1906a, 1906b and 1906c may have until May 22, 2002 to do so.  Meetings of Boards of Civil Authority called for this purpose shall be open to the public and warned with as much advance notice as practicable, but such meetings are not subject to the durational notice requirements of 24 V.S.A. § 801 or any other similar provisions of law or municipal ordinance.  


This act shall take effect from passage, and apply to representative districts for the 2002 election cycle and thereafter.

Approved:  May 3, 2002