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Offered by: Representative Molloy of Arlington.

Whereas, a high school's basketball prowess on the hardwood court is generally limited to one gender in any season, and

Whereas, contrary to this traditional sporting maxim, in 1998, both the Arlington High School Boys' and Girls' teams simultaneously dribbled their way to first place finishes in their respective Marble Valley League regular seasonal competitions, and

Whereas, the girls team, under the masterly direction of Jeff Corey, and assistant coach Jim Corey, tipped off against the top-ranked Enosburg Hornets for the divisional title, and

Whereas, this exciting young team dazzled their opponents and fans with the amazing play of ninth grader Meghan Csizmesia who scored 25 of the Eagles' points as they whipped the Hornets by a score of 48-37 and captured the 1998 Division III Girls' basketball crown as well as an impressive 21-3 seasonal tally, and

Whereas, the Eagles have the promise of an exciting future as 38 of the 47 points were from their frosh contingent, and

Whereas, each player, including Aileen Corey, Laurie Hart, Sarah Estes, Amie Boutin, Meghan Csizmesia, Jessica Zuk, Kara Mears, Kelli Walsh, Laura Campbell, Jocelyn Hawley and Adrienne Olney significantly contributed to this memorable season, and

Whereas, not to be outdone by their female compatriots, the boys' team, under the fine leadership of Coach Joe Corey, an equally brilliant member of the Corey coaching fraternity, and assisted by Dave Artt, Rick Davis, and Scott Witt, earned a championship berth against the Poultney Blue Devils, and

Whereas, despite an extraordinary close halftime score of 29-28 in Poultney's favor, the Eagles' superb second-half offensive charge led to a overwhelming 60-41 victory at the closing buzzer, and the 1997 Division III Boys' Championship, as well as an amazingly identical 21-3 final record, and

Whereas, the boys on this great team, including Bill Wash, Corey Mears, Kalin Reardon, Nick Zuk, Ben Halbur, Fran Estey, Dennis Patrick, Leif Bancroft, Tony Mone,Matt Crosby, Obie Bucchieri and Scott Sheldon are all to be commended, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is delighted to congratulate the 1998 Boys' and Girls' Arlington Eagles Division III Championship Basketball Teams and the Corey coaching fraternity, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send copies of this resolution to Joe and Jeff Corey at Arlington High School.