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(J.R.H. 123)

Offered by: Representative Darrow of Newfane.

Whereas, William D. Mundell started and finished his Vermont artistic sojourn at Brookside, his family's historic 200 year-old farmhouse near Hunter Brook Mountain in South Newfane, and

Whereas, a remembrance of his abundantly creative life must mention his love affair with all forms of artistic expression, be it his pen, his camera, his paintbrush, his carving tools or his hammer and chisel, and

Whereas, William D. Mundell's vocational pursuits as a state highway foreman, building contractor and carpenter, as well as his World War II service as a Marine Corps radar operator, each gave him new insights for writing his beautiful poetic stanzas, and

Whereas, as a skiing enthusiast, and owner of the Prospect Mountain Ski Area, he introduced the chair lift to Vermont, and he also designed and operated the state's first rope tow, and

Whereas, an active adherent to the Vermont virtue of civic participation, William D. Mundell served his beloved town of Newfane as a selectboard member, justice of the peace and town auditor, and

Whereas, his five published anthologies, AHill Country,@ APlowman's Earth,@ AMundell Country,@ AFinding Home@ and AA Book of Common Hours@ all magnificently reveal his literary legacy to Vermont and the English language, and will be supplemented by a sixth collection to be posthumously published as "The Fun of Hollering: A Lighthearted Look at Vermont,@ and

Whereas, in 1989, the Poetry Society of Vermont named him Vermont Poet Laureate following in the footsteps of Robert Frost, and

Whereas, he truly followed his motto to live usefully and to walk humbly in God's grace, and

Whereas, he wrote in his poem AInheritance@ that he wished for us to:

Notice that I had been there

and left some things undone;

that a square and a pencil

Still lie on the sawhorse.

Say it looked as if

I would be coming right back,

now therefore be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives and Senate:

That the General Assembly celebrates the life, work and written words of Vermont's Poet Laureate, William D. Mundell, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to his companion, Miriam Andrew and to the Town of Newfane.