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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1. 23 V.S.A. 302(a) is amended to read:

(a) Except as provided in *[section]* sections 361 and 452 of this title, every motor vehicle shall be registered for a period of twelve months from date of issue. Registrations made pursuant to *[subsection]* subsections 305(b), 376(e), and 371(b) of this title shall expire and the certificate thereof shall become void five years after the date of issue.

Sec. 2. 23 V.S.A. 305(b) is amended to read:

(b) The commissioner of motor vehicles shall issue a registration certificate and number plates for each motor vehicle owned by the state for *[the]* a period of *[ownership by the state]* five years. Such motor vehicle shall be considered as properly registered while the plates so issued are attached thereto. The commissioner may replace such number plates when in his or her discretion their condition requires.

Sec. 3. 23 V.S.A. 457 is amended to read:


At the time of the issuance of a registration certificate to a dealer as provided in this chapter the commissioner shall furnish the dealer with a sufficient number of number plates and temporary validation stickers, temporary number plates or decals for use during the *[thirty-day]* 60-day period immediately following sale of a motor vehicle by the dealer, as hereafter provided in general design the same as the number plates or decals furnished individual owners, but the plates and decals may be of a material and color as the commissioner may determine. The commissioner shall collect a fee of $2.00 for each temporary plate issued.

Sec. 4. 23 V.S.A. 458 is amended to read:


*[Upon]* On the day of the sale or exchange of a motor vehicle, motorboat, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle which is to be registered in this state, a dealer may issue to the purchaser, for attachment to *[such]* the motor vehicle, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle or to be carried in or on the motorboat, a number plate with temporary validation stickers,temporary number plate or decal, provided, that the purchaser deposits with such dealer, for transmission to the commissioner, a properly executed application for the registration of such motor vehicle, motorboat, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle and the required fee. The purchaser, if properly licensed, on attaching the number plate with temporary validation stickers, temporary plate or decal to the motor vehicle, motorboat, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle, may operate the same for a period not to exceed *[30]* 60 consecutive days immediately following the purchase. A person shall not operate a motor vehicle, motorboat, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle with a number plate with temporary validation stickers, temporary number plate or decal attached thereto or carried except as provided in this section.

Sec. 5. 23 V.S.A. 461 is amended to read:


Unless otherwise directed by the commissioner, at the expiration of the period of *[30]* 60 days, the purchaser shall destroy the temporary number plates.

Sec. 6. REPEAL

23 V.S.A. 376(e) (missing portion of registration fees) is repealed.

Approved: June 10, 1997