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Journal of the Senate


The Senate was called to order by the President.

Devotional Exercises

Devotional exercises were conducted by the Reverend Kenneth Fritjofson of Orange.

Message from the Governor

A message was received from His Excellency, the Governor, by Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs, as follows:

Madam President:

I am directed by the Governor to deliver to the Senate a communication in writing.

Appointment Journalized

The President laid before the Senate the following communication from His Excellency, the Honorable Howard B. Dean, Governor of the State of Vermont, relating to the appointment of a new Senator to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator John H. Bloomer, which was ordered entered in the Journal, and is as follows:

"State of Vermont

Office of the Governor

Pavilion Office Building

Montpelier, VT 05609

February 2, 1995

The Honorable Barbara W. Snelling


Vermont State Senate

State House

Montpelier, VT 05633-5401

Dear Madam President:

I have the honor to inform you that I have appointed

JUDITH W. BLOOMER, of West Rutland

to serve the unexpired term of John H. Bloomer, her husband, Senator from Rutland District, who is deceased.


/s/ Howard B. Dean

Howard B. Dean


Oath Administered; New Senator Seated

Thereupon, the Senate-appointee, Judith W. Bloomer, was escorted to the bar of the Senate by Senators Ferraro and Macaulay of Rutland District and took and subscribed the oath of office required by the Constitution from the Secretary of the Senate, Robert H. Gibson.

The new Senator then took her seat and assumed her legislative duties.

Joint Resolution Adopted on the Part of the Senate

Joint Senate resolution of the following title was offered, read and adopted on the part of the Senate, and is as follows:

By Senator Webster,

J.R.S. 23. Joint resolution relating to weekend adjournment.


That when the two Houses adjourn on Friday, February 10, 1995, it be to meet again no later than Tuesday, February 14, 1995, at ten o'clock in the forenoon.

Bills Introduced

Senate bills of the following titles were severally introduced, read the first time and referred:

By Senators Bartlett and Ide,

S. 106. An act relating to the agency of development and community affairs.

To the Committee on General Affairs and Housing.

By Senator Illuzzi,

S. 107. An act relating to second deer licenses and annual deer limits.

To the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

By Senators Bahre, Canns and Webster,

S. 108. An act relating to repeal of agency fee.

To the Committee on Government Operations.

Committee Relieved of Further Consideration; Bill Committed

On motion of Senator Doyle, the Committee on Government Operations was relieved of further consideration of Senate bill entitled:

S. 64. An act relating to fingerprinting.

Thereupon, pending entry of the bill on the Calendar for notice tomorrow, on motion of Senator Doyle, the bill was committed to the Committee on Judiciary.

Bill Passed

Senate committee bill of the following title was read the third time and passed:

S. 75. An act relating to availability of driver education.

Joint Resolution Adopted in Concurrence

Joint House resolution entitled:

J.R.H. 13. Joint resolution relating to appropriate levels of compensation for expenses of members of the General Assembly.

Was taken up.

Thereupon, the joint resolution was read the third time and adopted in concurrence on a division of the Senate, Yeas 18, Nays 10.

Proposed Amendment to the Constitution Called Up

Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Vermont designated as Proposal 3 (relating to the removal of the time lock for offering proposals to amend the Constitution) was called up by Senator Doyle, and, under the rule, placed on the Calendar for action tomorrow.


On motion of Senator Webster, the Senate adjourned until ten o'clock and thirty minutes in the morning.