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(J.R.S. 19)

Offered by: Senator Ferraro of Rutland County, Senator Macaulay of Rutland County and Senator Mazza of Grand Isle County.

Whereas, Vermonters were justly proud of the magnificent tree which this state gave to the nation as the national Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. at Christmas 1994, and

Whereas, this gift was made possible not only because of Vermont's rich natural resources in Christmas trees, but also because of the transportation expertise and logistical abilities of Vermonter Edward A. Fabian, Vermont's "Truck Promoter of the Year", and

Whereas, Edward A. Fabian, known as Eddy, developed his love for trucks at the early age of 16 while driving dump trucks for his father, Tony, and his keen interest in the trucking business evolved into his ownership of a construction company, and

Whereas, Eddy Fabian has always maintained his trucks in top mechanical condition and also has kept them polished in a way that would pass a military inspection with honors, and

Whereas, his construction company has provided top quality services in his community for many years, and

Whereas, the Fabian equipment can be seen in nearly every parade in the Rutland area and annually at the Halloween Parade where, during this past year, Eddy's float took second place, and

Whereas, Eddy Fabian has been trucking the West Rutland Christmas Tree each year and it has been his dream for many years to take the Capitol Christmas Tree to Washington, D.C., and

Whereas, this past Christmas, Eddy Fabian saw the fulfillment of this dream as he and many members of the Green Mountain Bull Dawg Club assembled a convoy of 18 antique Mack trucks and proceeded to Washington, D.C., with many stops, promoting Vermont and trucking, now therefore be itResolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly takes great pleasure in congratulating Edward A. Fabian for his successful business which provides outstanding service and is a source of much enjoyment to his community, and be it further

Resolved: That because of Eddy Fabian's dedication to trucking and because of the many opportunities he has taken to promote this essential business, we proudly honor him as "Vermont's Truck Promoter of the Year", and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Edward A. Fabian.