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Legislative Committees

Much of the work of the Legislature is carried out in committee. Here issues are studied, policy is formed, and legislation is crafted to implement those policies. There are a number of different kinds of committees, described below.

Listings of each type of committee, and notices of any scheduled meetings can be found through the links at the left-hand side of this page.

Standing Committees

The House and Senate "Standing Committees," as they are referred to, meet during the Legislative Session. House standing committees meet all day around the House Floor schedule. There are currently 14 House Committees. Representatives each serve on one Committee.

Senate standing committees meet in the morning or the afternoon around the Senate Floor schedule. There are currently 11 Senate Committees. Senators each serve on two committees: a morning committee and an afternoon committee.

Standing committees generally meet Tuesday through Friday during the Legislative Session, and some times on Monday's toward the end of the Session.

Joint Committees

Joint Committees are enabled by Statute or Session Law and may meet during the Legislative session, as well as in the Interim. Joint Committees comprise Senators and Representatives and are often, but not always, co-chaired by one member from each Chamber.

Study Committees

Study Committees are created in legislation for the purpose of further studying an issue which arose during the Legislative Session and was not resolved. The Committee would typically meet for a designated number of times during the Interim and issue a report to the General Assembly or specific Committees in January. The Committee ceases to exist after the report is issued.


Commissions are enabled through legislation and usually are designed to examine a long-term major issue. Frequently Commissions meet year-round, may have members who are not Legislators, and may also have an appropriation for consultants or other purposes.

Committees of Conference

Committees of Conference are short-lived committees, usually convened toward the end of the Legislative Session, comprising 3 House members and 3 Senate members who meet to discuss their differences on a bill and to come to a final agreement on which both Chambers will vote.